Pays Basque

Expanding on the territory of both countries with remarkable identity, France and Spain, the Basque Country reveals itself entire and proud of its authencity. Majestic on the west side where it meets the Atlantic ocean and in the south where the Pyrénées’ peaks forme a natural border between the French and the Spanish sides, and bucolic and serene over the valleys like green carpets unfold in its entirety. The Basque Country possesses a pure charm and expresses with three colours which constitute its flag: white, green and red.
In the dip of the 6 km long Golfe de Gascogne*, that greets the sea winds, the daring waves and their true fans, the Biarritz’ coast looks like a lace embroidered by rocks. Called « the queen of the beaches and the beach of kings », in the 19th century it becomes the historical capital of the European surf and place of excellence for practicing water sports.
Adorned by a nobel spirit, in the Middle Ages Biarritz welcomes the marriage of Aliénor d’Aquitaine avec Henry Plantagenêt, in the 19th century- the head of the european aristocracy around Empress Eugénie and Napoléon III, after the Russian revolution- a close circle of friends around the royal family and a myriad of cinema, literature and fashion stars among the others Vladimir Nabokov and Coco Chanel.
To walk on the narrow alley in the very heart of the city and to admire its immortal architecture, to take the seacoastline with its bordered by cliffs heavenly decoration, under the changing sky, to revel the traditional basque dishes during a dinner under the nocturnal light and cradled by the waves or simply to exercise your swing on the Golf de Biarritz Le Phare in a good company, these are only few moments of pleasure to which we would like to invite you !