The terroir of a 1001 facets
Situated furthest north on the Medoc peninsula, the appellation St. Estèphe marks the end of the Route des Châteaux. Famous for the quality of its wines in the 13th century, St. Estèphe is a sheer sea of slopes and plateaux planted with vines which line the Gironde, and made up of a rich variety of terroirs. Yet it is not until the 19th century that it reaches its apogee. It is at this particular time that the Classified Growths of the appellation are born and its châteaux erected. Linked to an exceptional period of history, the extraordinary architecture of estates such as Cos Estournel is witness to a glorious past.
Each different thanks to the diversity of the terroir, the wines of the St. Estèphe family are endowed with a powerful structure and fleshy tannins. They are smooth and well-balanced with a precise aromatic finesse.